Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

The author should use the manuscript template and author guidelines in this link to write the article: Manuscript Template & Author Guidelines/Panduan Penulisan Artikel (Indonesian). Articles written not using our manuscript template and not following author guidelines will not be processed. 

General Information

The manuscript should follow the requirements: it has never been published in print media, is not in the process of submitting publications to print media or online, is original, and is relevant to the mission of the Indonesian Journal of Health.

Manuscript Guidelines
The article of research should be written in essay format outlined as follow:

  1. Title Page. This includes the title of the manuscript (should be written in English and Indonesian), the full names without academic and professional credentials with commas between names, address of the institution placed, accompanied by email addresses for the purposes of correspondence.
  2. Abstract is written in English if the manuscript is in Indonesian or written in Indonesian if the manuscript is in English. It is written in one paragraph without subtitles, maximum 250 words and 1 line spacing. The abstract should contain background, objective, methods, results, and conclusion with 3-5 keywords. Keywords are written in alphabetical order. 
  3. Introduction contains background, problems and ends with the research objective. 
  4. Methods, the research method is explained in detail starting from the type of research, location, time, population and sample, sampling technique, data collection and analysis technique, and data presentation.
  5. Results describe the characteristics of research subjects, univariate outcomes, bivariate outcomes and multivariate outcomes (if any). Every table is typed Arial 10 pts and 1 line spacing. Number of table is systematic as mentioned on the texts and completed with short title each. Provide explanation on the footnotes instead of in the title. Please explain in the footnotes all non-standards information mentioned in the table.
  6. Discussion: describe and compare characteristics of research subjects, univariate outcomes, bivariate outcomes and multivariate outcomes (if any) with prior studies either in alignment or not.
  7. Conclusions should be written in narration (not pointers) and not repeating the statistical analysis results.
  8. Acknowledgements (optional)
  9. References, written using Vancouver style citation

The article is written in A4 paper with Arial 11 pts and 1 line spacing.  The maximum number of page is 20 with maximum of 3500 words. Each page is numbered starting from title until the last page of the article.